Jesus Every Day: Radical Kindness - Devotional Guide

$ 19.99

What if I told you that God wants you to radically demonstrate kindness to other people?

We often underestimate the power of kindness. Kindness isn’t just about being a “nice” person. It’s definitely not about passively allowing other people to walk all over us. Instead, kindness is an attitude of love that powerfully plays out in the way we treat ourselves and other people. It’s going out of our way to courageously change someone’s life for the better.

In Radical Kindness by Candace Cameron Bure, you’ll engage with the Bible to discover the life-changing power of kindness. The 24 selections from God’s Word and meaningful questions focus on God’s kindness toward us, show us how we can treat ourselves and others with kindness, and provide examples of biblical characters who exhibited extraordinary kindness in their treatment of others.

This devotional guide is designed to help you flip the script on kindness and take a radical approach to demonstrating care for the people in your life.

About Candace Cameron Bure:
Actress, producer, inspirational speaker, and New York Times bestselling author Candace Cameron Bure is beloved by millions worldwide from her role as D. J. Tanner on the iconic family sitcoms Full House and Fuller House, in addition to her Hallmark Channel movies, and her time as a former co-host of The View and a Dancing with the Stars Season 18 finalist. Outspoken and passionate about both her family and faith, Candace continues to flourish in the entertainment industry as a role model to women of all ages. She lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and three children.