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Lori Diaz, is the Owner & Founder of The Faded Farmhouse. 
The Faded Farmhouse began in 2012 as a hobby in Lori's parents garage, where she taught herself how to chalk paint furniture by watching videos on YouTube. In early 2013 her hobby unexpectedly turned into much more. After having a successful booth space in a local antique shop for a few months, Lori's sights were set a little higher. She wanted to expand from just having a booth space, to having her own store front. Lori had always been creative & loved interior design but never saw her self making a living doing those things.
Coming from a background in banking & finance with absolutely no training in business or interior design, she knew it was a long shot but had a gut feeling, she was on the verge of something amazing!
With her families support, she set out to find the perfect space, which lead her to Arrington, Tennessee. The first Faded Farmhouse opened it's doors on August 3rd 2013 and what a ride it has been! During the first 3 years in Arrington, Lori realized a large amount of customers were traveling from several different areas and even states on a weekly basis, which led her to believe it just maybe time to expand. 
After lots of prayer and conversation, the decision was made that expanding would be a good idea, but it would have to be in the right place. 
Lori found that place in her hometown of Columbia, Tennessee.
After only visiting one potential space that was the previous home of Jersey Pride Creamery, the second location of The Faded Farmhouse was official! 
The Columbia location opened February 27th 2016 and is exceeding all expectations! In February of 2017 Lori began offering interior design as a service in middle Tennessee as well as E-Design to clients all over the United States!