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Zodiac Collection: Mini Stone Pack

$ 9.99

12 zodiac signs paired with corresponding crystals and colors. Inner box cover describes crystal properties and back cover describes zodiac sign attributes. Perfect for impulse buys and gifts as sets or individual pieces. Each one comes with a Clear Quartz Stone which is a master healer and energy transmitter: amplifies energy of all other stones. Brings light of the stars to the soul. Plus another stone

Aquarius-Amethyst: Know for transmuting lower vibrational energies into higher frequency states to clear the aura and physical body. It is both regal and peaceful.
Pisces-Lapis: Accesses esoteric knowledge and brings wisdom to unlock mysteries. It promotes connection of physical and celestial realms, containing flecks of pyrite.
Aries-Heratite: Enhances mental capabilities such as memory recall and technical knowledge. Uses magnetic polarity to balance etheric and physical nervous systems of the body.
Taurus- Rose Quartz: Stimulates the true life force of unconditional love within and heals emotional wounds. encourages receptivity to art, music, beauty and imagination.
Gemini-Citrine: the self-cleaning stone of prosperity, it encourages one to look toward the reality of excellence.
Cancer-Lepidolite:Has a refreshing and sentimental energy that encourages honesty and calmness. It assists in restructuring habitual patterns to better serve those affected.
Virgo-Jasper: Reminds one to nurture others by spreading joy and love. Very protective and assists with grounding into earth energies for balance and stability.
Libra-Bloodstone:Encourages one to live in the present moment and enhance creative abilities. unifies the eneries of harmony, strength and adaptability within the body.
Scorpio-Ruby in Zoisite: amplifies entire energy of the body and heightens metal/ psychic abilities.
Sagittarius-Sodalite: Provides access to sacred laws of the universe and facilitates logical conclusions.
Capricorn-Tiger Eye: Harmonizes the energies of sand and sunlight, bring grounded optimism. 

Leo- Carnelian: Excellent at dispelling lower energy vibrations to be transmuted in light. Stimulates perceptiveness, inquistive thought, and precision-oriented abilites.

Each One Sold Separately