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Milk Barn Soy Melts

$ 6.00

For those of you who enjoy wax melts, we provide and American grown soy wax melt. Each container contains six cubes, and each cube provides approximately 6-8 hours of scent release. Our melts are double scented to provide the same throw as a traditional candle, and are to be used in an electric wax melter.

  • NEW! Bless Your Heart - well aren't you sweet.. reminiscent of an orange vanilla ice pop
  • NEW! Southern Sweet Tea - sugar sweet tea and peach
  • NEW! Blooming Lilac - in the peak of bloom, reminder of old love, happiness & tranquility
  • Barn Dance - enchantment of a summer night bash - citrus, limes, lemons, oranges
  • Farmhouse Banana Nut - warm slice of family tradition, true scent of mamma's warm banana nut bread
  • Welcome Home - pineapple - the symbol of welcome, friendship, and hospitality
  • Farmers Market - light fresh pear and creamy vanilla 
  • Steeplechase - the fresh outdoors, garden fresh cucumber, sweet cantaloupe and blossoms during the dog days of summer
  • Wild Honeysuckle - vibrant, lingering and true scent of wild honeysuckle
  • Winding Roads - calm serenity of bergamot with the twists and turns of tarragon 
  • Barn Wood - grounded and earthy cedar with a hint of spice
  • Smokehouse - smoked Applewood; notes of maple and cedar